James H C Fenton
How Wildness is Lost 250 years of encroachment into the Scottish hills 18 pages A5, 50 photographs. January 2019 Vision for the Uplands A nature conservation perspective for the Highlands. A4, 3 pages. August 2016. A Future for Moorland: The need for a locational strategy Published by the Scottish Gamekeepers Association. Full colour, A4 portrait, 36pp, 24 maps. December 2015 Is rewilding destroying the remaining naturalness of the Scottish Highlands? Paper presented to the Wild Thing? Conference, Sheffield, September 2015 Thoughts and Comments on Protected Areas for Nature – Review: Report to Scottish Natural Heritage. February 2015 A Story of Woodland 2015 The Upland Ecology of Scotland: A Review of the Favourable Condition Approach in Relation to Grazing and Carbon Storage A4 portrait, 30 pages, 13 photographs, 5 diagrams. 2014 Correspondence between James Fenton & Professor TC Smout on contents of New Paradigm document A4 portrait, 10 pages. 2013
Towards a New Paradigm for the Ecology of Northern & Western Scotland. A4 landscape, 48 pages, 108 photographs. 2016 edition The State of Highland Birchwoods The report of the 1984 survey of birchwoods in Highland Region, for Scottish Wildlife Trust. A4 36 pages. 5mb
PEAT Observations on Falkland Islands Peat, Including Long-Term Dynamics A4 portrait, 12 pages, 38 photographs. 2014 Antarctic Moss Peat: My Work as a British Antarctic Survey Botanist in the 1970s A4 portrait, 5 pages, 9 photographs. 2014 The Importance of Blanket Peat in Carbon Storage Visual comparison of carbon stored in peat bogs and in commercial forests. A4 landscape, 10 pages, 15 photographs. 2010
Published essays 2013-2017 Choppy seas ahead for our fisherman  The Scotsman 13 July 2018 Price of woods culturally costly  The Scotsman 25 May 2017 Should Scotland be like Norway?  The Scottish Gamekeeper May 2016 Moorland: why do we want it and where?  The Scottish Gamekeeper April 2015 Hunting, shooting, saving our moors  Sunday Herald Essay 11 August 2014 The deer-forest divide  The Shooting Times 14 November 2013 The dark side of the woods  Sunday Herald Essay 27 October 2013
Unpublished essays Are gardeners irresponsible?  2017 A story of woodland  2015 An essay on human nature  2015 Landscapes of the imagination  2014 Upland sheep farming and the environment  2013 Countryside as garden  2013 Download all these essays. pdf 44 pages 838kb
SHORT STORIES 1995-2001 Cycads (1995) Das Lied Verloren (1997) Modern Man (1996) Obsessions (2000) Return to Windy Standard (1991) A Walk (1983) Henderson (C.2001)   54 pages   Download .pdf file 289k
CHARCOAL DRAWINGS Charcoal scribbles: from the period ca.1975-80 Download the complete set of 72 drawings here pdf 5.15mb
Essays from ECOS. 1983-2003, 110 pages
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