The HIghland Landscape From Stravaig, the journal of the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics A Landscape Lost was published in Stravaig 8, Part 2, May 2021 *NEW* Deirdre (The Homecoming) was published in Stravaig 10, December 2021 These summarise my views on how we are treating (losing) the Highland landscape
James H C Fenton ECOLOGIST
A Future for Moorland was written for The Scottish Gamekeepers Association, whose members are concerned about the lack of prominence given to moorland in most policy documents. This document does not discuss the management of moorland. Instead it identifies the importance of moorland as a habitat type but notes that there is no strategic guidance on which areas of Scotland should continue to be retained as moorland. Maps are given identifying the location of all remaining moorland in Scotland, together with suggested core areas which should be retained as such.
A FUTURE FOR MOORLAND IN SCOTLAND The need for a locational strategy    December 2015Download pdf here14.5mb
How wildness is lost 250 years of encroachment into the Scottish hills An illustrated non-judgemental overview An extract from Wild Land News 94, the newsletter of the Scottish Wild Land Group A5 landscape. Download here .pdf 4.9mb January 2019
Essays from EcosJames Fenton’s wild land essays
MUSINGS ON THE MEANING OF WILD A wild experience. The wild Highlands. Really wild! Wildlife. Wild nature. Wild land. Wildness. Wilderness. Re-wild… We use the word ‘wild’ all the time but what does it mean? With all the current talk of wild land and rewilding, this essay is particularly relevant. It was first published in Wild Land News Issue 95 (Summer 2019), magazine of the Scottish Wild Land Group It can be accessed here. pdf A5 9pp 6mb