James Fenton
Various pieces for piano Download the sheet music: Two Tunes Entangled 13 pages Transformations 7 pages Defragmentation 10 pages Fantasia for Flute and Piano Piano & flute, 8 pages Fantasia for Piano 6 pages Fantasia on an Original Theme 10 pages Continuation 14 pages
More than You (song) The Landscape Song For landscape professionals everywhere Four environmental songs * Plastic on the Wire * Cairngorm Lament * Stones Amongst the Sand * Mountain Hare
Play ‘Snow on the Ground 2’ (electronically-generateed audio mp3 file, and a bit clunky)
November 2023 After a break of several years, I have composed a short piano piece, a sort of theme and variations. It is in D minor and simply called ‘A Piano Piece’ Download the sheet music here (3 pages)