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Peat bogs have always been a main interest of mine
The growth and development of temperate ombrotrophic peat I am currently writing a series of papers on the instigation of peat, peat growth, pool development and peat erosion. Watch this space!
Click here for  pictures of Antarctic peat
See also: The Upland Ecology of Scotland: a Review of the Favourable Condition Approach in Relation to Grazing and Carbon Storage This includes a discussion of peat’s role in carbon sequestration & storage  .pdf 2mb Visual comparison of carbon stored in peat bogs and in commercial forests This illustrates how peat of c.10cm depth stores as much carbon as a commercial plantation .pdf 3 mb See my paper: The rate of peat accumulation in Antarctic moss banks Journal of Ecology, 1980, Vol.68, No, 1, pp. 211-228 See peat aspects of my New Paradigm Download an illustrated article on my work as a British Antarctic Survey botanist studying Antarctic moss peat