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Click the links above for photographs of Antarctic vegetation Download an illustrated article on my work as a botanist studying Antarctic moss peat .pdf 1.2mb
A FIELD GUIDE TO ICE by James Fenton The only guide to ice in all its forms: ice sheets, ice-caps, glaciers... “There is a great value to polar travelers in carrying this booklet with them, and it makes for a good little gift to a student or friend traveling to the Arctic and Antarctic regions.” Arctic, Antarctic, & Alpine Research A5 booklet 20 pages 90 photographs 2 nd Edition 2016 £5.50 inc. p&p
90 features illustrated, Including: Glaciers, Ice sheets, Ice caps, Ice shelves, Glacial features, Icebergs, Sea ice, Snow features, Moraines, Ice retreat, Rime, Hoar frost, Periglacial features…
Icebergs and Bergy Bits: Polar landscapes I have always had an obsession for ice and snow, and when in polar regions I find it very difficult to stop myself taking photographs of icebergs. They exhibit a fascinating, multifarious array of shapes, no two ever the same. I have now put together a selection of iceberg pictures, summer and winter, to create the above gallery. Most large Antarctic icebergs derive from broken-off bits of floating ice-shelf. These kinds can be spotted by their flat tops. However on breaking up they can tip over, their flat tops no longer horizontal and their previous underwater parts now visible as a smooth surface. The bergs subsequently erode into a myriad of forms. Floating ice shelves accumulate snow on an annual basis, with the annual fall of snow visible in bergs as obvious strata like rings on a tree. All but the last two pictures were taken in the Antarctic; the last two were taken in Svalbard. These pictures were taken while I was working for the British Antarctic Survey or Lindblad Expeditions. I thank these two organisations for providing me with an opportunity to visit these remote and exciting places.
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