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A FIELD GUIDE TO ICE by James Fenton The only guide to ice in all its forms: ice sheets, ice-caps, glaciers... “There is a great value to polar travelers in carrying this booklet with them, and it makes for a good little gift to a student or friend traveling to the Arctic and Antarctic regions.” Arctic, Antarctic, & Alpine Research A5 booklet 20 pages 90 photographs 2 nd Edition 2016 Available to purchase from nhbs.com For bulk purchase for cruise ship shops, &c. contact ecology@fenton.scot
90 features illustrated, Including: Glaciers, Ice sheets, Ice caps, Ice shelves, Glacial features, Icebergs, Sea ice, Snow features, Moraines, Ice retreat, Rime, Hoar frost, Periglacial features…
The Field Guide to Ice is also available as a hard copy A5 booklet as described below
* NEW JULY 2022 * Digital version of A FIELD GUIDE TO ICE Revised and expanded, for laptops, tablets and phones Free to download in four volumes as interactive pdf files NO COPYRIGHT RESTRAINT Once downloaded, feel free to copy and circulate the files DOWNLOAD HERE Volume 1. Sea Ice 5.6mb Volume 3. Snow & Other Ice 4.9mb Volume 2. Land Ice 5.1mb Volume 4. Periglacial & Postglacial 7.4mb
The melting of glaciers through global warming is a topical issue. But … Do you know the difference between an ice sheet, an ice cap and an icefield? The difference between an ice berg, bergy bit or growler? The difference between hoarfrost and rime? Would you recognise a protalus rampart in the landscape? The new digital version of A Field Guide to Ice answers all these questions and many more.
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