James Fenton
Draft Scottish Biodiversity Strategy 2022 Comments on the draft from James Fenton 8 pages August 2022 My main comment on this strategy is that the proposed action is not based on any real understanding of the long term ecological dynamics of Scotland, particularly of the Highlands.
Bemoaning the loss of the Highland landscape
Two stories from Stravaig The journal of the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics A Landscape Lost in Stravaig 8, Part 2, May 2021 Deirdre (The Homecoming) in Stravaig 10, December 2021
Landscape Assessment
Global warming, carbon emissions & land use in Scotland: A simplified guide There appears to be little understanding of the difference between carbon cycling in ecosystems and the release of fossil carbon from burning fossil fuels. Numerous diagrams, 6 pages, March 2020
Musings on the meaning of wild land October 2019 First publshed in Wild Land News Issue 95.
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A FIELD GUIDE TO ICE The only illustrated guide to ice in all its forms: snow, glaciers, ice caps, ice sheets, pack ice, icebergs, hoarfrost, rime, permafrost ... The 2015 edition has been extensively revised and expanded, and is available as hard copy or digital. Essential reading for those visiting polar regions as researchers or tourists, or just interested in the Arctic and Antarctic: locations where climate change is having a major impact.
Download the digital version A FIELD GUIDE TO ICE pdf, 144 pages, 20 mb
“There is a great value to polar travellers in carrying this booklet with them, and it makes for a good little gift to a student or friend travelling to the Arctic and Antarctic regions.” Arctic, Antarctic & Alpine Research Review of 1st Edition (2009)
*NEW* The Role of Grazing in Maintaining Open Landscapes in Temperate Regions International Journal of Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources, January 2023 Click here for details
June 2023 Restoration of Upland Peats:A Discussion Document Click here for details
* December 2023 * Landscape Change in the Scottish Highlands: Imagination & Reality Whittles Publishing -- Details here -- An 8-minute audio version of Chapters 2 & 3, the critique of reforestation, is now available from SciPod