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GREENLAND – An Arctic Adventure Expeditioners are setting off to ski across the Greenland icecap: things start badly – surely they cannot get any worse? Published by JustFiction ISBN 978-3-8454-4617-2 or download .pdf version 1.15mb THE WEDDELL SEA – An Antarctic Adventure A cruise to the Antarctic starts off well enough, but then the ship decides to enter the Weddell Sea – nemesis of Shackleton... Published by JustFiction ISBN 978-3-8454-4602-8 or download .pdf version 1.24mb JAN MAYEN – Meanderings in Unfathomable Seas 2014 Download pdf for tablets, Kindles, PCs 793kb or Download text file for Kindles 307kb
Do you read ECOS? The journal of the British Association of Nature Conservationists (BANC) See here my essays on nature conservation published in ECOS over the years Download: pdf, 110 pages, 1.39mb The Search for the Countryside (1983) Even More About the Purpose of Nature Conservation (1984) Letter (1982) Alien Or Native (1986) Beyond the Faustian Bargain (1987) Animal Rights (1987) by Ian S Coghill Animal (and Other) Rights (1987) The Ecology of Environmentalism: Some Ideas for Discussion (1987) Democracy and Habitat Protection (1989) Wildlife Valuation (1992) What is Natural? A Reply (2006) by MikeTownsend 25 Years of Change in Wester Ross (1994) Out of Site, Out of Mind? (1996) Wild Land or Wilderness – Is There a Difference? (1996) Political Correctness Strikes Ecology (1996) Scotland: Reviving the Wild (1999) A New Paradigm for the Uplands (2004) Wild Thoughts Followed Up (2004) What is Natural? (2006) What is Natural? A Reply (2006) by MikeTownsend
SHORT STORIES CYCADS (1995) DAS LIED VERLOREN (1997) MODERN MAN (1996) OBSESSIONS (2000) RETURN TO WINDY STANDARD (1991) A WALK (1983) HENDERSON (c.2001) A SHORT LIFE (c.1998) 54 pages Download .pdf file 289kb
Published essays 2013-2017 Choppy seas ahead for our fisherman The Scotsman 13 July 2018 Price of woods culturally costly The Scotsman 25 May 2017 Should Scotland be like Norway? The Scottish Gamekeeper May 2016 Moorland: why do we want it and where? The Scottish Gamekeeper April 2015 Hunting, shooting, saving our moors Sunday Herald Essay 11 August 2014 The deer-forest divide The Shooting Times 14 November 2013 The dark side of the woods Sunday Herald Essay 27 October 2013
Unpublished essays Are gardeners irresponsible? 2017 A story of woodland 2015 An essay on human nature 2015 Landscapes of the imagination 2014 Upland sheep farming and the environment 2013 Countryside as garden 2013 Download all these essays. pdf 44 pages 838kb